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AuPlata shares

Share 2019 bond
ISN FR0010397760 FR0011945955
Mnemonic code ALAUP BAUPL
Reuters ALAUP.PA -
Bloomberg ALAUP :FP -

Stock exchange

Euronext Paris Euronext Paris


Euronext Growth Euronext Growth
Date d’introduction 15 décembre 2006 26 juin 2014

PEA (Equity Savings Plan)

Yes No

Deferred Settlement Service (SRD)

No No
Main features of 2019 bonds

Nominal value


Duration of the loan

5 ans à compter du 26/06/2014

Annual interest

Gross annual fixed rate of 8%, with interest paid annually, on June 26 of each year


The bonds will be fully amortized on 26/06/2019 by repayment at a price of € 500 per bond, ie 100% of the issue price.

Shareholding breakdown as of April 8, 2019 (After Consolidation)

Number of shares and voting rights % of shares and voting rights
Tribeca Natural Resources Fund 115.070.663 41,97 %
San Antonio International Limited 53.786.488 19,61 %
Michel Juilland 41.178.082 15.02 %
Flottant 64.173.266 23.40 %
Total 274.208.499 100 %